Gray of the day

photos after the redecoration

Few years ago, when dark colours were really fashionable in interriors I took a brush and painted my room. It took me around a week and I had pink spots all over everything. No comments. What is more after few months the colour turned out to be quite crucifying. It was always dark and "stuffy". So when I came back from London for summer I wanted my room to be welcoming and nice. Painting it once again was unavoidable. However, this time I took professionals to do that. Two days and my room turned out grey. I also changed some accessories & furniture. I took out red armchairs & my work/art desk and instead I added a gold framed mirror with a little black table under. So here you can see some before & after photos. You can judge whish room was better, but I absolutely love the new version.


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Kic said...

trafiłam na Waszego bloga przypadkiem i muszę przyznać, że jestem oczarowana! :)

Anonymous said...

Kapelusz i okulary śliczne! Równiez jestem zachwycona waszymi pracami jak i pomysłami! Tylko nie mogę obserwować, bo jest udostępnij :(

frania said...

opinia kic+ swietny blog, a raczej jego poczatki ;) Wydaje mi sie, ze jeszcze kilka miesiecy i bedzie o was glosno!

Adrienne said...