Neoprene-aztec clutch

jacket Zara, neoprene-aztec clutch Urban Beings / photos by Joana

Staying in London and not having school anymore make me really productive! Last night I found some left over fabrics from previous projects and produced this lovely neon aztec clutch ! Its made out of neoprene with embelished neon patterns, with a zip in the middle. Hope you like it ! Also today I bought some fantastic new fabrics in pastels from which I'll to produce new stuff - mint velvet backpack and bright lime jacket. So excited!

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S.Judi said...

cudowna torebka;) love it;)

M said...

oczko ci poszło, hipstersko.

GlamorousGirl said...



Löni said...

Fantastic Outfit!I'm in love!<3;)