D.I.Y. - refreshing summer wardrobe

Każda z nas za pewne nie raz patrzy w swoją szafę i z rozpacza myśli "same starocie, nie mam sie w co ubrac"... Ja mam tak prawie codziennie dlatego uwielbiam kombinować z ciuchami - przerabiać, odcinać, wyszywać. Wszystko byle trochę zmienić lub odnowić (a w zasadzie postarzyć) ich wygląd. Po takich zabiegach od razu czuję się jak po obfitych zakupach. Za ostatnie wielkie przerabianie zabrałam się z powodu Openera - sterty starych t-shirtów piętrzyły się w szafach a ja miałam wrażenie, że nie mam nic pasującego do zabrania. Dlatego dzisiaj chciałam wam pokazać parę sprawdzonych sposobów jak łatwo odświeżyć swoją ubrania. Wszystkie są bardzo proste i tylko do niektórych potrzebujecie innych materiałów niż wasze własne ręce i nożyczki.

"I don't have anything to wear, everything is old!" - I bet each one of us had this feeling while standing in front of your closet. I have it quite often thats why I love to re-make clothes. I add stones, decorations, cut them, make them from scratch. After a session like this I instantly feel like after a huge shopping. I thought about this post because of the upcoming Opener Festival. Huge piles of old t-shirt were growing in my closet and I was absolutely sure I have nothing good to take with me. That's why today I want to show you my favourite ways of re-freshing and re-making old clothes. All are easy as 1,2,3 and for most of them you wont need nothing else than your hands and a pair of scissors.

First one is tearing & cutting. I have few things which I just teared without any plan and they're on of my favourite things ever.
This was an old mixed fabric jacket, now its a vintage vest. Perfect with a casual t-shirt or dress.

Cutting & adding studs. Studs are one of the most effective decorations you can easily add to a simple t-shirt or anything else!
Shoes, coats, sweater and even bracelets or trousers! This was an old gym t-shirt, now its a perfect summer top with big armholes.
Perfect to put on a swimming suit.

I really love the print on this t-shirt but I hated the shape of the t-shirt itself. So I took scissors and cut huge armholes.
I also made the neckline bigger.

Dipping into pait! Oh yes! That was one of my favourite D.I.Y.s yet (in terms of the making process). You can choose what colour you like or you can even mix them together so the colour will shade from one colour into another (I'm actually planning that for one of the future D.I.Ys).
So go and search for old boring white clothes!

Gemstones! Quite annoying when you have to stick many of them, but very effective! I re-made this mohair sweter few weeks ago and I honestly can't wait for colder days to wear it. It wasnt pretty at all when I found it at a second hand shop, but I instantly had a plan for it. So I cropped it, rolled the sleeves and made a ankh collar with gemstones. Now its beautiful and its my number one for the winter wardrobe.

Here again cutting and tearing. Making shorts from old trousers is quite popular so I wont say more about it. Simple & easy.

To read more about this one click HERE

Here I just bought a kid denim jacket and cut sleeves to fit in it. Love it with a black maxi dress.

Embellished collars. Takes ageees but its worth it. You wont need any jewellery when wearing this top.

Last & most time consuming idea to have new clothes? Make them. This one is made by my grandmother. She's a dressmaker so it took her an hour. If someone has sewing skills is great to make your own clothes. No one will copy cat you!

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daggistr said...

świetny pomysł i efekty ...robię to samo ze swoja szafa a przynajmniej staram się ;)



panna natasha said...

tak, tak, tak! To jest to, co ja sama robię już sukcesywnie od wiosny. Pewnie na zimę bd płakać, że nie mam koszul z długim rękawem i spodni, ale co tam. ; )

Caro * said...

Fabulous DIY, you have a lot of good ideas ;)

Rasz said...

genialna kamizelka - ma kilka starych dżinsowych kurtek chyba je wezmę w obroty

Beatrycze said...

wow. świetne.

Kinga said...

Ciekawy blog :) A ta koszula BOSKA !!! :)

xoxo Kinga