Windy Portugal




flower & studded headband URBAN BEINGS / white shirt TOPSHOP / bralet H&M / skirt AMERICAN APAREL / backpack - freshly from Portugal

Yesterday I came back from Portugal. I spent a week doing nothing meaningful, but I have a lot of photos, thousands of ideas and a huge power to work & produce new stuff for the blog! I really can't wait to put my hands on new D.I.Y! Here you have the first dose of photos. I wanted to capture both my D.I.Y. headbands but the wind was really strong, so my facial expressions are weird on some photos. While in Portugal I hunted this amazing aztec backpack which I absolutely fell in love with! I also couldnt resist buying as much "friendship bracelets" as I only could. I think I'm gonna stay with my "holiday/hippie accessories" for a while, so don't be suprised If you'll see them in many future posts!

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frania said...

genialna koszula!