Summer time

kofeina // jacket H&M trend, top NEW LOOK, necklace TOPSHOP, bag ZARA, sunglasses TOPSHOP, short D.I.Y.

Poland is having the longest holiday weekend in Europe and the temperature is around 30 degrees. I love summer, but at the seaside or lake, not in the city. I feel like melting. But bright colours look best in the sunshine. Today I'm wearing my favourite jacket for the last few weeks. Colour block H&M jacket, that consist everything what I wanted in a summer garment - a mix of a baseball jacket and a blazer. I also love the colours. I am also wearing my new Topshop ice-cream necklace, which stole my heart straightaway, so I didnt even realize how heavy it is.


just claudia said...

Your neckless is so cute , I love your outfit ! It's feel like summer time. :D

Pratima Giri said...

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Vasare Nar said...

lovely photographs, and great illustrations!


ajmissindependent said...

Mam tą samą bluzę tylko z H&M'u :))
Torebka mnie urzekła <3