Night Visions

model: Joanna

So after writing this full and nice note my computer wanted to make a joke and deleted everything...soo lets start again. As I was quite busy lately doing STUFF, I decided to show you some photos from my final Foundation project titled "Noght Visions". The project was generally based on moths, insects and dreams. I tried to explore different aspects of moths like their movement, texture & characteristics while working through my 'A3 landscape sketchbook' (foundation students inviolability). I also experimented with fur & dying a lot while working on this realisation, which now evaluates in further ideas for new projects. I enjoyed working on this one, because it was all about my own ideas & inspirations. There were no school briefs or guideliness (despite the one that we cant use live animals or rotten meat...yeah really). So here are the final pieces, I used fur, loose mohair knit and organza. I also had a collection of embroidered fur & knit samples. I hope you like it, the final exhibition was in the end of april.

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